Site News: December 2019

1902 Huddersfield Christmas card

Happy Christmas!

If there’s nothing on TV and you fancy some light reading, we have a selection of articles about how Christmas was celebrated in the local area.

If you’re taking part in Dry January, then you might be interested in this unique item, which was kindly loaned to Huddersfield Exposed by Patricia to be digitised and made freely available. The Huddersfield Band of Hope was a temperance organisation which espoused the benefits of avoiding the evils of drink. Their diary covering the two years from February 1875 to March 1877, as recorded by Joseph Nicholls, is now available to read online (or download as a PDF):

…the diary itself will shortly be deposited with West Yorkshire Archive Service to ensure it will be preserved for generations to come!

Last, but not least, as a Christmas present to everyone interested in local history and genealogy, we’ve made the following street directories for the Huddersfield area freely available. Enjoy!

The Great Frost 1929, Folly Dolly Falls Meltham